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Wildlife: Yellow Neck

“According to my bird book, cassowaries have multicolored necks and attack people when approached. Sounds like my mother-in-law. Anyway, a cassowary with a yellow neck is the rarest, bagging this one will net you respect and possibly candy that tastes like chalk.”
Survival Guide

The Yellow Neck cassowary is a rare animal found in Far Cry 3. It is hunted during a Path of the Hunter quest. The player must kill it with a sniper rifle. When killed, the player receives a rare skin that can be used to craft the Extended Fuel Sling, which is the largest ammo pouch for the Flamethrower.

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About to snipe a yellow-necked Cassowary

The location to start this quest can be found on the Northern Island at the AM 12 command post, located on the north-easten side of the island.

Once skinned the Yellow Neck Leather can be used to craft the Extended Fuel Sling.


  • Since cassowaries are very territorial in general, the yellow necked one will attack the player if provoked, or if the player stays on its territory for too long.
  • Cassowary have a form of communication, they use loud squawks to signal possibly for help, to attack, to run, to follow, and many more. The "squawks" usually change tone and pitch, showing a change in emotion. 
  • It is common to find cassowary in groups from 2–5 although they are most commonly found in pairs.

A Northern Cassowary

  • Before they attack, a cassowary does some form of a "dance" in which it shakes itself rapidly and squawks at the victim, then it charges.* It uses the talons on its feet to claw and scratch at an attacker or intruder, they are noted to be "razor sharp."
  • When provoked, it may call out to other cassowaries in the area to assist it in hunting down its attacker/victim.


  • It is not possible to accidentally sell its Yellow Neck Leather at the store, it must be eventually used for Crafting.
  • An interesting fact is that in real life, only Northern cassowaries have yellow/orange necks. The southern cassowary (Normal variant in Far Cry 3) has a blue and red neck.