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"Like our beloved King Pagan Min, the Yak is a beacon of power and working tirelessly for the people of Kyrat. A shining example of the self-sacrifice and commitment to the greater good that our King himself has brought to this great nation."
— In-game description
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A Yak is an animal that lives in Kyrat in Far Cry 4 and far cry primal and is one of the animals required for the crafting upgrades. They can be found and hunted relatively easily but are aggressive and dangerous if the player gets too close, although they will kick up dirt with their hooves, and prepare to charge you, giving the player a chance to move away before they become aggressive, upon which they will proceed to go back to their passive state. They can be found in the lower parts of the Himalaya Mountains or areas that have snow.

In Longinus's first quest the Sherpa that brings Ajay to the Himalayas has a yak that is most likely used to carry supplies for the Sherpa.

Yaks possess a considerably powerful charge that's able to knock the player off his/her feet. They will also aggressively attack civilians, golden path members, and royal army/guard that come near them. Often killing them in the process. Yaks serve a purpose similar to the water buffalo in Far Cry 3.

Far Cry PrimalEdit

FCP IconYaks return in Far Cry Primal.  Yaks live in the icy north of Oros, near the mountains.  Yaks are fairly weak for their size, but can still do some damage with their charge.  Yaks have 2 Health and do 2 Damage, and are rated as being of medium hunting difficulty.  Rare White Yaks can sometimes be found amoungst other yaks.  Yak skin is used to upgrade items in the crafting menu.  Rare White Yak skin is used to improve winter clothing.

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