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Xianyong Bai
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Dossier info
Age 24
Place of Birth Urumqi, Xinjiang Province, China
Nationality Chinese
Height 5'9"
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Weight 140lbs
Experience Contraband smuggler; Informant, FIA, ISI; stop-loss consultant, Cameroon, Zambia

“Dressed like he had to flee something fast. This guy's made his share of enemies. Can see that on his face.
Knows the black markets very well. Suspect this has forced him on the run.
Has worked for both the Chinese and Pakistanis before. An informant?”

Journal Description

Xianyong Bai (born Bai Xianyong) was born in China. He was a contraband smuggler and later an informant for the Federal Intelligence Agency and Inter-Services Intelligence, both in Pakistan. He was also a stop-loss consultant in Cameroon and Zambia.


Xianyong can be chosen as the player character in Far Cry 2. If he is not chosen, he will appear as a buddy to the player character.


During the progress of the game, Xianyong may ask you to do a couple of favors for him.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the youngest playable character in Far Cry 2.
  • In the Chinese version of Far Cry 2, Xianyong Bai's nationality is Vietnamese.
  • Bai carries either a FAL Paratrooper rifle, an AR-16 assault rifle, or a M249 SAW light machine gun, which is determined randomly whenever he appears.