"A massive animal with a dangerous horn. It only looks slow."
— Far Cry Primal Homepage
Far Cry Primal woolly rhino

Woolly Rhinos are animals first introduced in Far Cry Primal. They are based on the real-life Coelodonta antiquitatis .  The Two Horn Rhino may be based on older, distantly related genera, either Embolotherium or Megacerops (formerly Brontotherium).


Woolly Rhinos are found in the Southern region of Oros, but they can sometimes be found in the Northern and the middle regions. A variant of the Woolly Rhino, the Two Horn Rhino, can be spotted sometimes among other Woolly Rhinos. Neither is tameable nor rideable.


Killing a Woolly Rhino will yield Woolly Rhino Skin, which is used to upgrade the Spear Belt in the Crafting menu. Woolly Rhinos and Rare Two Horn Rhinos are hard to hunt. Both have 4 Health and do 4 Damage and they do not fear fire.


Far cry primal two horn rhino

A Rare Two Horn Rhino.

Get out your spear for this beast. It is relatively passive until provoked, so be careful as its horn can cause some serious damage. As for the Rare Two Horn Rhino, look for this rare rhinoceros in herds of other rhinos. Look out for its charge attack that can do serious damage with its two horns. Jump out of the way to avoid it.


  • If the Rare Two Horn Rhino is based on either Embolotherium or Megacerops, it would be the only rare animal in Far Cry Primal that is a separate species than its more common companion animal (the Woolly Rhino), rather than being merely a coloration variant. Indeed, the Rare Two Horn Rhino would be in a separate genus and family if this is the case.
  • Embolotherium is only known from the Eocene of central Asia, but if the Rare Two Horn Rhino is a relic population of Embolotherium, it would make sense that the Two Horn Rhino would seek out herds of Woolly Rhino, a creature with a similar lifestyle, for protection from predators. This would explain why, in the game, Two Horn Rhinos live amongst herds of Woolly Rhinos, but are much more uncommon.

Cave Bears and Sabertooths are the only predators capable of killing a Woolly Rhino. Due to being their natural predators rhinos will react fearfully even upon the presence of tamed Sabertooths and Cave Bears. The two mentioned predators are also the only ones that can kill a rhino unaided. Any other tamed beast will need your help. Interestingly tamed brown bears can also kill a rhino unaided. But they'll take much more damage and don't have scripted kill animations.

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