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"A large predator that hunts in packs. It comes out at night, except when it doesn't."
— Far Cry Primal Homepage
Far cry primal wolf

A Rare White Wolf.

Wolves are animals which first appear in Far Cry 4 in the form of the Tibetan Wolf, and which make another appearance in Far Cry Primal. In Primal, they are based on the North American Dire Wolf, Canis dirus, and the Eurasian Megafaunal wolf, also known as the Cave Wolf, Canis lupus spelaeus.


Wolves are found all across Oros, and come in three variants, the regular Wolf, the Rare White Wolf, and the Rare Stripe Wolf. White Wolves and Stripe Wolves can be spotted sometimes among other wolves. Wolves hunt in packs of three or more individuals, and frequently one of the wolves is a rare variant. Wolf packs are more active at night than during the daytime. Wolves cannot swim nor climb, and do fear fire, as well as tameable.

The Snowblood Wolf, a Great Beast, is a White wolf. It is found in the far southern region of Oros, and its pack consists of a dozen or more individual wolves.


Hunting wolves, including the Rare White Wolf and the Rare Stripe Wolf, are rated as being of medium difficulty. Wolves have 2 Health, and do 2 Damage. Rare White Wolves have 2 Health and do 3 Damage. Rare Stripe Wolves have 3 Health and do 3 Damage. Hunting regular wolves will yield Wolf Skin, which can be used to build village huts and upgrade items in the Crafting menu. Rare White Wolf Skins are used to upgrade items in the Crafting menu; and Rare Stripe Wolf Skins are used to build village huts.

As tamed beasts, wolves have the ability to extend the fog of war discovery radius to a certain range and increase the mini-map radius by 350 feet. Wolves will growl to warn the player of nearby enemies or predators. Tamed wolves have 1 Strength, 3 Speed, and 3 Stealth. Tamed White Wolves have 2 Strength, 3 Speed, and 3 Stealth. Tamed Stripe Wolves have 3 Strength, 3 Speed, and 3 Stealth, and are resistant to fire.

The Snowblood Wolf is rated as being very hard to hunt. It has 4 Health, and does 4 Damage. As a tamed beast, it has 4 Strength, 3 Speed, and 4 Stealth. It has the same passive abilities as the White Wolf, extending the discovery radius on the map, and increasing the mini-map radius, as well as growling at enemies and predators.


The first beast tamed is the White Wolf in Tensay’s Beast Master mission. He is a decent first beast, but is quickly replaced. Keeping it by your side clears out the map fog quicker. Wolves can be found across most of Oros, but they tend to hunt in packs. Isolate one before taming it. They are weak, but fast. It’s not really worth calling in a wolf when you can get the White Wolf that you tamed in the Beast Master mission. The Rare Stripe Wolf can sometimes be found with a pack of Wolves. Do the Wolf Beast Kill quest for a guaranteed sighting. As a companion, it is very similar to the White Wolf, but is more resistant to fire.


Complete the Snowblood Wolf hunt to tame the Snowblood Wolf. Its stats are well balanced. Like other canines, it warns of nearby enemies by growling. It also reveals a wider range in the mini-map and Map menu. Its high of stealth makes it a good choice when trying to go undetected.


If confronted by a wolf pack the main target should be the pack leader (a White wolf). If the pack leader is killed then the other wolves will proceed to scatter and run away from you but can be aggrovated if chased.


  • Many palaeontologists believe domesticated dogs are the descendants of tamed Megafaunal wolves.  Despite Takkar being portrayed in the game as the first human to tame beasts, wolves were likely domesticated tens of thousands of years before the timeframe of Far Cry Primal, 10,000 B.C.

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