Description Edit

Wipe the competition is the first of two buddy missions assigned by Marty Alencar to the player in the district of Bowa Seko .

Plot Edit

Marty has set his eyes on a job involving the traffic of weapons with the UFLL that he plans to make profits off of. However, another arms dealer is already in Sepafane, getting ready to broker a deal himself with Hector Voorhees of the UFLL .Marty needs the player to eliminate his competitor so he can monopolize the deal.

Objective Edit

The player is to:

- Go to Sepafane and kill the arms dealer.

-Return to the Marina Bar and meet Marty.


A simple, fairly easy mission. Use the bus system to reach the Northern outskirt of Sepafane and enter the town peacefully. Your loadout should include a sniper rifle (ideally the Dragunov).The timing of the day does not offer any advantage or disadvantage in this mission. Find the large church tower's entry point (Use the machete to break the wooden planks) and go upstairs. Once you reach the window start sniping the soldiers down. Try to wound rather than kill outright, so the others get in your line of fire while trying to help their downed partners. There are about 13-15 mercs in the town, but they can hardly take a shot at you. Lob grenades. If some remain, carefully make your way down and kill them. Then proceed to kill the dealer and get back.

Alternatively, you can simply stand on the rocks near the Eastern Bridge and line a shot at the dealer, then quickly jumping into the river and getting away from the town, since you will break the ceasefire.

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