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Deploying the Wingsuit at night


Jason deploying the Wingsuit

"This design is top secret. Do not, under any form of torture, no matter what is done to you, tell Hollywood I stole it from a prop warehouse."
— Survival Guide

The Wingsuit is a player upgrade which can be acquired in Far Cry 3 and 4. In Far Cry 3, it can be acquired during the Fly South mission where Jason jumps out of Willis Huntley's plane while he travels to Russia for a new assignment. The Wingsuit is a useful tool for fast travel across large distances.

After the mission, the Wingsuit will be available to the player for the duration of the game.

The Wingsuit can be activated by jumping and getting several feet off the ground, and activated by spreading the wings. When getting close to the ground a parachute can be activated causing Jason to slow, making it easier and safer to land.

Tips Edit

  • The Wingsuit requires at least 5 feet of ground clearance to use.
  • Like the Hang Glider, you can be shot while using the Wingsuit and Parachute.
  • It comes in handy when you slip off of a mountain or Radio Tower.
  • When using the Wingsuit, you will be instantly killed if you try landing without a parachute. However, if the landing angle is shallow, it is possible to land without deploying the parachute.
  • It is possible to do a Death from Above Takedown while using the Wingsuit over an enemy, but pulling this off successfully requires some timing. This can also be done in Far Cry 4.
  • The Wingsuit is deployed in the PS3 & XB360 with the L3 / LS button. The Parachute is deployed with the X / A or jump button.
  • In Far Cry 4 it is possible to fly much further by making a dive first before going horizontal again.
  • The wingsuit is even more handy in FC4, as the terrain is more mountainous, and the introduction of the Buzzer allows players to get up to a high location, then jump out and activate their wingsuits, allowing them to fly across very long distances.
  • It is also unlocked far earlier in FC4.
  • Also in FC4 on PC you can shoot a handgun or the auto-cross from the wingsuit

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