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Wildlife: White Tiger

"White tigers are the result of a recessive mutant strain among Bengal tigers. They were once so rare that the tigers were frequently inbred, like European kings or reality TV stars."
— Survival Guide

The White Tiger is an animal found in Far Cry 3, as part of the Predator DLC Pack.

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Face to face with a White Tiger in high grass

The White Tiger is similar to the Sumatran Tiger, however it has different pigmentation and is harder to kill. Since this animal is white, it can be relatively easy to spot in the green of the jungle.

When hunting it, it is recommended that Jason carries a shotgun.


  • The White Tiger in Far Cry 3 has yellow-brown eyes, which is incorrect as real-life white tigers have blue eyes.
  • It is also said in the handbook that the White Tigers are a recessive mutation of Bengal Tigers, which are larger and deadlier than the Sumatran tigers. This could mean that all tigers in the island are Bengal and Sumatran mix. 
  • There's a possibility that given the fact that the sumatran tigers of Rook Island are isolated from the rest of the population, this white tigers are a result of inbreeding depression, since it's a recessive trait.
  • Skinning a White Tiger simply yields Tiger Skin.

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