"Starting immediately, all white rumped vultures are to be re-colored pink to honor our great king and fearless leader, Pagan Min. Re-coloring the vulture rumps will be delegated to Kyrati citizens as thanks to their King."
— In-game description
WRVulture page

A White Rumped Vulture is a bird that lives in the north of Kyrat in Far Cry 4. These scavengers can often be seen circling above a dead animal carcass, or the dead bodies of civilians, golden path members, or even members of the royal army/guard. Eventually they'll come down to feed on the remains. Vulture feathers offer good money so when they land, it's encouraged to kill them with a long ranged weapon. If a predator is feeding, the vultures will wait until it's done before feeding themselves. golden path soldiers are known to shoot at the birds and sometimes bring them down.

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