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White belly Tapir

Wildlife: White Belly Tapir

"So there's this tapir that has a large white patch on his lower body. Not going to get into how I know that, but it involves Cuban rum and just a little bit of mescaline. Anyway, kill it so I can try to forget."
— Survival Guide

The White Belly Tapir is a rare animal that Jason is asked to hunt in a Path of the Hunter mission. The animal can be found near the Rust Yard outpost and must be killed with a Recurve Bow. Since it is a member of a large herd of tapirs, the animal is easy to pick out from the rest due to its unique color. Like all other tapirs, the White Belly Tapir is easily startled. Therefore, it is wise to hide from it until it can be killed easily.


Comparison: Regular Tapir and White Belly Tapir

When killed, the player can skin the White Belly Tapir. Its unique hide, the White Belly Tapir Leather, can be used to make the Extended Munitions Pouch.


  • The location to start the Path of the Hunter quest can be found at the Rust Yard outpost, at the coordinates (X:579.5 Y:752.0).
  • The hunting ground in which it wanders is found at the coordinates (X:559.0 Y:732.0).


  • Despite the handbook entry mentioning a rare animal, the White Belly Tapir only looks different, the other tapirs seem to be a species of tapir called Baird's Tapir. The white hindquarters of this animal indicate it is simply a different species, a Malayan Tapir.
  • An easy way to kill the White Belly Tapir is to make it run straight into the river which will result in it drowning. This is highly unlikely in real life however as all species of tapir are excellent swimmers.

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