The Wenja, loosely based on the Cro Magnon, were former nomadic hunter gatherers, and as described by Tensay, many have traveled "many suns" before settling down at Oros. The Wenja's peaceful life in Oros was shattered by the arrival of two hostile tribes, the Udam and the Izila. A common way to distinguish the Wenja from other tribes is that they wear seashell bracelets, which could mean that the Wenja were originally from the coastal regions before they migrated to Oros. They also mark their territories with stone totems, which symbolizes the Wenja's gratitude to the spirits that guide them throughout their lives

The Wenja is known to have an important character in their tribe called the Beast Master - an individual who has a special connection with the wildlife of Oros, and can use his special ability of taming and commanding beasts to unite and lead the Wenja to victory over their enemies.

Members Edit

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