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The weapons of Far Cry Instincts.

Butterfly KnifeEdit

Far cry instincts butterfly knife

The main and only melee weapon, small, compact, rapidly deployed, this small knife will be the first weapon that Carver will find.



Called "Auto Handgun" in-game, It is a pistol capable of fully automatic fire.

Beretta 92/FSEdit


The first side arm you start off with, it is accurate, has a high capacity magazine and can be dual wielded. Also comes with a silenced version.

Desert EagleEdit


This long range powerful handgun will cause heavy damage even on light armoured vehicles.

Remington 870Edit


Called "Shotgun" in-game, and the only shotgun in the game. Being pump action, this weapon is deadly up close, and can clear and area quickly if you are in a hurry.



Called "SMG" in-game, Small, light weight, accurate, the Mp5 is perfect for close quarter's battle.



It may not have to range of an assault rifle, but because of the calibre it uses, the P90 is still able to perform at reasonable distances (50-100 meters).



The Carbine is perfect for covert operations. Capable in close quarters the capability to engage targets with accurate, lethal fire, it's also equipped with a zoom for long distance kill and its suppressor will ensure that it won't be attracting too much attention.

Assault RifleEdit


Equipped with a grenade launcher, the Assault Rifle is the perfect choice for missions where subtlety isn't a requirement. Fire mode 1: Automatic, Fire mode 2: Grenade Launcher.

FN M249 SAWEdit


Called "Machine Gun" in-game, the Machine gun is a lightweight, gas-operated, magazine or disintegrating metallic link-belt fed, individually portable machine gun capable of delivering a large volume of effective fire.

Recon RifleEdit


Equipped with a 7X zoom, this sniper rifle will be the first one you'll encounter in the game.

Sniper RifleEdit


From the safety of a ranged firing position, the Sniper Rifle is perfect for taking out targets from far away with your 10X zoom.

Rocket PropelledEdit


When you need to create big destruction, this 4 rocket, rocket launcher will be perfect for the job. It's 2X zoom should help for firing from a distance.


Far cry instincts grenade

Destroying, deforming, killing, this grenade blows up and will inflict damage to what ever is within 15 meters of hit.