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There are a large amount of weapons to choose from in Far Cry 2. Many being real world weapons such as AK47 or MP5 SMG. The main way to acquire new arms is visiting Gun Shops spread throughout Unnamed African Country (UAC). However an easier but less beneficial way is to take weapons off of dead bodies. Most weapons found throughout UAC have come from The Jackal.

Primary weaponsEdit

A AK-47 AR-16 AS50

D Dragunov SVD

F FAL Paratrooper

G G3KA4 Golden AK-47

H Homeland 37

M M1903 MGL-140

S Silenced Shotgun Silent MP5 SPAS-12


Secondary WeaponsEdit

C Craftsman Shotgun

E Eagle .50

F Flare Pistol


M M-79 MAC-10 Makarov

S Silent Makarov 6P9 Star .45

U Uzi

Special WeaponsEdit

C Carl G Rocket Launcher Crossbow

D Dart Rifle

F Flare Gun

L LPO-50 Flamethrower

M M-249 SAW




T Type 10 Type 63 Mortar

Mounted WeaponsEdit

M M-249 SAW M2 .50 cal Mk 19

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Aside from the large arsenal of fire arms, the player can upgrade weapons through purchase at a Weapon shop.

A Accuracy Upgrade Ammunition Upgrade

R Reliability Upgrade Stealth Upgrade

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