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Warren Clyde
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Dossier info
Age 33
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Height 6'3"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Weight 230 lbs.

“Cocky as hell. Don't think he's seen much action. But he's hungry for it.
Good marksman. Handles heavy assault weapons well. Heard he can fly planes too.
Guy's a gun nut and bit of a poser. Obsessed about all things war.”

Journal Description

Warren Clyde was born in America. He has a registered security permit in Florida, worked as a bodyguard for VIPs in the Dominican Republic, has black belt level martial arts training, and has a civil aviation license in the Bahamas.


Warren can be chosen as the player character in Far Cry 2. If he is not chosen, he will appear as a buddy to the player character.


During the progress of the game, Warren may ask you to do a couple of favours for him.


  • Warren carries either a Homeland 37 or SPAS-12 shotgun, determined randomly whenever he appears.

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