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Wildlife: Vulture

"Whenever someone or something dies on Rook Island you can be sure to find a vulture feasting on the remains, kind of like the baby boomers on social security."
— Survival Guide

Vultures are animals that can be found in Far Cry 3.

These large birds are often seen flying around in the sky in groups of three or four animals. They are harmless, but the player can hunt them. In order not to waste ammo while trying to hit the bird when it is flying, you can simply wait for it to land on the ground, where it makes easy prey. Vultures can be skinned, but their feathers are not used for crafting, but do fetch quite an amount of money at a store.


  • If you see some Vultures circling in the sky, it is wise to investigate. They are often lurking around some dead bodies that can be looted.
  • The Predator DLC Pack enables the player to hunt a vulture subspecies, the Red-headed Vulture, that is not actually a predator since it is harmless. Like all other DLC animals, it has its own handbook entry, describing the birds as pets coming from Singapore.

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