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Varshakot is a location and fortress within Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

The fortress belongs to Paul "De Pleur" Harmon and becomes easier to take down once he is dealt with.

Tactical TipsEdit

Like with other fortresses, sneaking in and capturing it undetected as a solo player is easier than outward appearances would suggest, even when the fort isn't weakened. The outer defenses can be bypassed by climbing the plateau to the north. This route will put you on the roof of a building next to the outer wall. You can lure the closest enemies behind the building with rocks and then drop on their heads with your Kukri, then pick off the rest of the guards.

For a more powerful, direct approach use a boat to travel across the lake and find an elephant. Mounting it, use it to swim back across the fortress and ride it into battle. Only raid this fort elephant style after the fortress is weakened. If not, the beast will be killed by the minefield located at the front gate.

In addition, the boat dock to the south conceals an underwater tunnel that comes up into the fort via a well which is close to plenty of cover.

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  • on the east side of the fortress there somtimes is a cargo truck that is fully drivable parked in front of a warehouse.