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Utkarsh is a town located within Northern Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

The Golden Path is known to have a small presence here, much to the Royal Army's displeasure.

After capturing King's Bridge, Ajay Ghale is sent to Utkarsh to rendezvous with a Golden Path cell operating in secret within the village.  Upon arriving, he secretly observes Pagan Min meeting with the family harboring resistance fighters and offering "protection" for them from the Golden Path.  Upon leaving, he has the Royal Guard kill them in their home.  Afterwards, Ajay boards a gyrocopter and chases Pagan to a safehouse and kills him, only to discover that the man he killed was Pagan's body double, Eric.

Later, Utkarsh is attacked by the Royal Army, with the help of mortars. Ajay quickly travels to the village, where he protects the survivors by fending off attackers while the Golden Path destroys the mortar stations or he goes to the guns who is attacking the village and protects it.

Gallery Edit

Utkarsh view 4
Utkarsh view 2
Utkarsh view 3

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