Greetings Far Cry Wikians!

Far Cry 4, the next iteration of the Far Cry series will be released on November 18th, 2014. The game follows the exploits of Ajay Ghale as he returns to his home country of Kyrat, located within the Himalayan Mountains. As he arrives, he comes face to face with the powerful dictator of the region Pagan Min, who tight controls the area through violence and fear.

Wikia may have an opportunity to host a Community Question & Answer session with the developers at Ubisoft about the upcoming game! Do you have any burning questions about Far Cry 4? Curious about story missions or side quests? Or About the weapons and tools available to Ajay? Or perhaps questions about the Kyrat region and the animals the dwell within it? Post them here!

Leave your questions as a comment to this blog and we'll be sure to relay them to the developers. We'll bring back as many answers as we can!

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