1. Top-Notch Storytelling

Far Cry 3 sports some lush visuals within the jungle, but the game’s real strength is it’s realistic portrayal of characters. Far Cry’s characters spout realistic faces and very well written dialogue that pulls you into the scene. The player sees these cutscenes through the eyes of Jason Brody, whose eyes and head turns realistically as the scenes play out. Far Cry’s story is grounded mostly in reality with traces of fantasy. Watching Jason’s transformation from wimp to warrior gets thoroughly entertaining as the game continues.

2. Side Quests


Besides the main story, there are plenty of other missions for the player to spend their time with. Jason needs to remove scramblers to show new sections of his map and take outposts to prevent the presence of enemies. Once outposts and radio towers are cleared, new quests become available such as Supply Drop, Wanted Dead, and Mark of the Hunter. Supply Drops involve driving a vehicle to a checkpoint in a limited time, Wanted Dead involve killing various leaders of pirates, and Mark of Hunter involve hunting the native wildlife.

3. Crafting

Far Cry 3 includes a crafting system that will help Jason stay well equipped on his adventures in the jungle. By killing and skinning a variety of animals on the islands, Jason can craft holsters, ammunition packs, syringe cases, and more that will allow him to hold more items of a particular type. Jason will only be able to carry one weapon at the start of the game. By crafting new holsters, Jason can eventually carry up to 4 weapons at once. It’s a good idea to focus on crafting in the beginning of the game, giving yourself a little cushion as your clear through the beginning of the story.

4. Collectables

Farcry3 2012-12-02 03-06-54-43

There are three different types of collectables that can be found in Far Cry 3. Relics, Lost Letters, and Memory Cards. Relics come in a variety of different animal styles, including boars, sharks, and herons. There are 120 in all and can be found scattered throughout the world. Lost Letters are letters from WWII that are attached to dead Japanese Army bodies. There are 20 in all. Lastly, are Memory Cards which contain various information about drugs processed on the island. There are total of 20 of them. Collecting these items can bring various rewards.

5. Signature Weapons

These beautiful unique weapons can be unlocked by completing different elements of the game. By checking the in-game progress list, you can see what you need to complete to unlock them. These Signature Weapons are variations of existing weapons, usually outfitted with custom paint jobs and weapon attachment combinations. Once they are unlocked, you’ll need to buy them from the store. But it’s a small price to pay for a fun, special gun.

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