Hello, wikians.

I don't usually come to this wiki, but this is definitely a good place to discuss this topic.

So, as the title reads, this blog is about glitches; one glitch is a problem more than others though. Some of you may be aware of the Camera/Rock glitch? This glitch is now patched for the PC version - so if you have a PC, you don't need to worry about this. Although, if you have a PS3 or an Xbox 360, you should listen to me. This glitch is a game killer. Don't get me wrong, I love the game to bits. But this bug is unacceptable. Not only is it an annoyance not having your camera or rocks, but it also breaks your game, if you are not past a certain point.

A lot of you will know that the camera is required to complete some of the main missions. One of these missions is saving Oliver. Another mission is when you have to take a picture of a meeting; that's the one I'm up to. So, what do you do to complete the mission without a camera???? Nothing! Yeah, that's right. Nothing. There is no way to get around this glitch.

For me, this glitch came at the worse point. I have done so much in the game; it would take forever to do it all again. Yes, I am planning to play through the game again. But this is only happening when I complete the game. Not happening any time soon though.

One annoying thing about this glitch is that Ubisoft said they'd fix it in the last patch (1.03) on PS3. I know for certain that restarting the game doesn't erase the glitch, because I got the glitch a few days after the patch. I didn't realise what had happened for a while, so I couldn't go back to my old save; it was long gone. What is going on, Ubisoft?

So, i don't mean to rant on this wiki, I merely wanted my voice to be heard. I assure you, Ubisoft will be hearing from me very soon if a patch isn't anounced.

Anyone else had this problem? It's a very easy glitch to get, so I wouldn't be surprised.

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