What would you like to see in Far Cry 3? I will share all of the features I would love to see in the upcoming sequel. Feel free to show yours in the comment section.

  • Improved Dynamic Fire - Dynamic Fire was an amazing feature in Far Cry 2 but it could be improved on overall. For example, it could use a graphical improvement and spread more realistically.
  • Sprinting - Sprinting seemed too stiff and uncontrollable in Far Cry 2. I don't want to make a Call of Duty reference but it feels a lot better while playing CoD.
  • Diseases - Malaria made sense in the beginning of Far Cry 2 but you shouldn't get it at all in Far Cry 3 unless it is story related.
  • Guard Posts - Either make it so the guards don't respawn or have a lot less of them.
  • A.I. - Far Cry 2 can use certain elements of stealth but it's unfair when guards can see you from a mile away through the bush. The A.I. should have a life similar to a real-world human. Falling asleep, eating, hunting for animals, etc. It is possible as it has been accomplished in other games such as Oblivion and Fallout. Along with realistic humans, the unique animals should portray the real-world also.
  • Online Multiplayer - I love everything about the multiplayer: the weapons, the official and customs maps, the load outs, etc. Playing ranked matches is annoying when certain players won't ready up. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. If a Far Cry 3 is made this should be taken out completely.
  • Single-player - I am one of the few players who enjoy the whole single-player experience of Far Cry 2, although, some changes could be for the best. Far Cry 3 should be more of a free roam game. There should be missions in which you hunt animals. Less repetitive missions would be a huge bonus along with a dynamic environment. Some days could be windy or rainy while others are extremely hot. Far Cry 3 should portray the same events happening in Far Cry 2 (UFLL vs. APR) but give a background story. Not much was revealed about either story.

What do you think? E3 is coming up soon.

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