• Saytun

    Far Cry 3 Features

    May 24, 2011 by Saytun

    What would you like to see in Far Cry 3? I will share all of the features I would love to see in the upcoming sequel. Feel free to show yours in the comment section.

    • Improved Dynamic Fire - Dynamic Fire was an amazing feature in Far Cry 2 but it could be improved on overall. For example, it could use a graphical improvement and spread more realistically.
    • Sprinting - Sprinting seemed too stiff and uncontrollable in Far Cry 2. I don't want to make a Call of Duty reference but it feels a lot better while playing CoD.
    • Diseases - Malaria made sense in the beginning of Far Cry 2 but you shouldn't get it at all in Far Cry 3 unless it is story related.
    • Guard Posts - Either make it so the guards don't respawn or have a lot less of them.
    • A.I. - Far Cry 2…
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