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    Death of FarCry

    November 20, 2015 by RebornDan

    Just when you thought farcry the only FPS of its Genre to have Player created maps, Likeable Characters and a game that offers a reasonable amount of challenge.

    Except, Ubisoft has now put the series in the meat grinder for the sake of Income instead of letting the series end on a good note but no we're too special for that kind of treatment.

    Here is my beef with this game.

    • Ajay Ghale has got to be the most dehumanized protagonist in far cry 4, he has a lack of humor nor compassion when it comes to interacting with characters in-game.

    Spoiler Alert: He's also a Drug Damsel for the entire game and you would think he will have some common sense after being drugged twice, Nope still stupid.

    • Drugs: Yes Ubisoft we get it already drugs are bad for yo…

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