Hello, fellow editors. I am interested in "adopting" this wiki, and since there are no active active administrators, I am creating this blog post as they are unable to reply to my message. Anyways, the only bureaucrat, CoD addict, last signed in Feb. 20, and edited Nov. of 2012. Other admins have not logged in or edited before that time as wellm -- taking weeks to log back on. Also, the wiki has been really dying, and I only see a few edits a day. My basic duties and expectations of becoming an admin is a little bit of a redesign. I'm looking to add a better background, and update the main page immensly -- adding a whole bunch of linked portals. I've been here since late 2012, although, I hardly edit, having only 100 edits. But, those edits are mainly from a "project" I started on here. You may have seen the game logos on the top of the page which were started by me, and I would like to finish those. But either way, I'd just like to help monitor the wiki, delete some pages that have not been deleted by the admins for months and months, and basic admin dashboard abilities. I am also good with coding/CSS, so I would like to implement some nice looks and features for our wiki. So either the admins will get my message when they log on, or I can get a positive feedback for this proposal for the community. So if you would think I'd make a good admin, go ahead and support -- if not, say no. Thanks, all. NinjaFatGuy (talk) 01:31, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

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