• Helix Armada

    FC3 Weapons Selection

    November 4, 2012 by Helix Armada


    I'm really happy about the selection of assault rifles (although I do think the AK-103 is a bit on the fat side). The HK-416 looks beautiful (both aesthetically and animation-wise).

    While I'm 70% confident that we're gonna have suppressors for sniper rifles, I'm hoping for a beyond-all-doubt confirmation. I was also hoping for a Western semi-automatic sniper rifle (perhaps like the SR-25). Oh well, you can't have everything.

    Shotgun selection is okay. I was hoping we would see a Benelli Supernova (or one of their semi-automatics) or a Saiga-12.

    As for the MP5, I much prefer the integrally suppressed version of FC1/2, but oh well...

    Oh, and the Kimber Warrior looks amazing. I've always loved the 1911 series.

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