I am sad to see the near-dead state of this wiki. I appreciate all of the others who add more information to this wiki, and will hope to work more with the rest of you in the future. However, the activity on this wiki is near-dead. I look at other wikis, like those of Payday, or The Elder Scrolls, or RWBY, and I see sprawling communities, fan ideas from threads and blog posts that get tons of feedback and criticism, or heated and friendly debates about the philisophical principles of said game, or about a fan theory. I wish to see more of that here, and have so far been let down. I appreciate all of the others who have helped out this wiki so far, but the wiki still needs more. It needs to feel more alive.

I will still continue to work at the pace that I am on this wiki, and once again am eternally grateful to those who have made and helped to build this wiki, but I still expect a little bit more of those who are not doing as much as they could. Found an interesting quirk or stat? Post it here. Have an idea for a weapon or takedown? Create a blog post and share it! Feel like a page needs more content than it curently has? Then get into the game, do some testing, and post your results on the page. I'd be glad to help with anything a potential contributer needs, though I do have a slight limitation to what just I can do. Once again, I thank all of those that have helped, but those that haven't, please do pitch in. You don't have to be a major contributer, but you should at least try and fix up an article if you see a problem on it. That is all.

Sencerely, DeletedContent/Epicmilk15 (the latter is my Steam name)

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