Andes Mountains

some people may argue that this is the same as Kyrat. While it is similar, the local culture is much different. It would be interesting to see a conflict in the Andes between Highwaymen and the Argeninian (or Peruvian, or some fictional country's) government.


While their are plenty of interesting ones (from the takeover of evil dictator Sarah Palin {sounds more like hilarious DLC], or invasion from the USSR during the Cold War). However I'm thinking of a rebellion (most likely far-right, but it could also be pro-Russian, or if you wanted to be really silly, pro-Canada).

Kazakhstan (or a similar country)

It would be nice to see this kind of environment. A blend of desert, tundra, and taiga forest. Lots of environmental varriety, but would require a lot of vehicles (from getting around the flat desert and frozen tundruas, to vehicles able to fly up or climb huge mountans), and a huge environment to do justice to.

Imagine crossing a vast desert in a buggy, then reaching that gondola to the snow-covered mountain in the distance. Once you reach the gondola, you find several enemies. You then rush the gondola, and make it on, but the enemy are persuing you on buzzers. All of a sudden, there is an avalanche/rock fall (a random event, not scripted), tearing down the gondola, and raining snow, ice, and rock down on the enemies. You then jump out of the gondola with your windsuit, while the massive structure comes crashing down behind you, dissappearing into a rising cloud of snow and ash.

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