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  • I live in Bronx, NYC, US (duh), Earth (even more duh), Milky Way galaxy (are you really that oblivious?), whichever universe we are in (I give up!)
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Part-time heisting, general badassery.
  • I am Totally not drunk
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    I am sad to see the near-dead state of this wiki. I appreciate all of the others who add more information to this wiki, and will hope to work more with the rest of you in the future. However, the activity on this wiki is near-dead. I look at other wikis, like those of Payday, or The Elder Scrolls, or RWBY, and I see sprawling communities, fan ideas from threads and blog posts that get tons of feedback and criticism, or heated and friendly debates about the philisophical principles of said game, or about a fan theory. I wish to see more of that here, and have so far been let down. I appreciate all of the others who have helped out this wiki so far, but the wiki still needs more. It needs to feel more alive.

    I will still continue to work at t…

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    A battle rifle made from the HK416 (not to be confused with the P416), it has a 20 round magazine (25 in-game?), a decent fire rate, good accuracy, and very good versatility. Basically a middle-ground between the two other 7.62 ARs in the game, the accurate, quick-tap MS16 (M14), and the powerful, but inaccurate A52 (ACE 53).

    An interesting, rare, and expensive gun, the AN-94 has no full-auto capabilities (in-game. in reality it does have some, though there is no select-fire in the game, so no full-auto. deal with it), but has a 2-shot burst (basically semi-auto, only with 2 rounds comign out at once). Extremely accurate, low recoil, and mid-to-high damage, but mediocre ROF, and slow reloads. Basically a skill cannon.

    the Uzi is an iconic Is…

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    some people may argue that this is the same as Kyrat. While it is similar, the local culture is much different. It would be interesting to see a conflict in the Andes between Highwaymen and the Argeninian (or Peruvian, or some fictional country's) government.

    While their are plenty of interesting ones (from the takeover of evil dictator Sarah Palin {sounds more like hilarious DLC], or invasion from the USSR during the Cold War). However I'm thinking of a rebellion (most likely far-right, but it could also be pro-Russian, or if you wanted to be really silly, pro-Canada).

    It would be nice to see this kind of environment. A blend of desert, tundra, and taiga forest. Lots of environmental varriety, but would require a lot of vehicles (from getti…

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