Far Cry 3 Update

The latest update on Far Cry 3 has added a beta test playlist along with the host mirgration which normally is not found in the game constantly but only on rare occassions in Multiplayer. Although it was neat to see other players's creations in this play list in a sort of like "have fun and be a critic". if you know any bugs, issues, glitches or system errors that have arised on the far cry 3 update then please leave a comment about it.

Freezing and Issues Far Cry 3

It was unusual that the update later becomes a burden for players to even play the game or even post their own maps till a freeze stops it from happening, A bulleted list will tell you what's been going on since the update

  • Bugs: Bugs were not that very common in the game, but when the update came to far cry 3 it brought a lot of bugs that annoyed some of the players such as random teleportation or seeing the player's weapon instead of the player its self when its trying to respawn. Downed players are even badoff since the context sensitive "Revive" has gone wrong since the downed player can not be revived easily or if the revive was successful but it took 3 seconds or more to revive a single player.
  • Map Editor Freezing': 'The Map editor is the same as usual except that if you spent too much time in map editor, the chances of your console getting frozed while playing a custom map or editing a custom map will be 30% for every time you enter or exit that custom map regardless on who hosted it.
  • Multiplayer Screen Freeze: Rarely happens, but it does exist as players can not spawn even if the timer counted down to zero still it has made finding a game more of a chore rather then just simply playing the game.

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