I made a online compatible custom maps called battleship/corridors and mountain warfare.


The Map is mostly made up of water and small islands with two battleships (UFll) front ocean bank and (APR) back ocean bank. The battleships are made up by two barges fused together along with its deck heavily armed with M2 Browning machine guns two in the front and two in the back, m249 tripods guard the weak spots of the ship. The battleships both have two ammo piles, swamp boats and only one fishing boat armed with a Mk-14 is placed behind individual battleships.


Stealing diamonds off another team's battleship will require persistent and carefully done action to even get one diamond, The Fishing boat can empty the enemies's pillboxes and even set off ammo piles to ensure no survival once on board the player must dash to the diamond case located in the center of the ship. Sniping is very common on this map.


A close quarters map that involves both sides entering an abandon call center, IEDs and gas tanks make this map difficult to maneuver safely.


The map is an abandon call center, explosives are fatal indoors and fights are frequent, no room is the same so pick your cover wisely.


Take cover and stay away from compressers they will lower your health quickly.

Update 1.1: covered windows to prevent escaping outside.

Update 1.2: All windows covered, air compressers deleted and doors added to prevent spawn killing.

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