• UFLL- Wears black leather top with yellow lines on the sides of his arms, wearing normal goggles
  • APR- Wears Black leather top with red lines on the sides of his arms, along with wearing rusted goggles


  • UFLL- Wears Black leather top and pants with goggles and a black helmet
  • APR- Wears Red Tank top with denim jeans and a black helmet


  • UFLL- wears a hunting vest with a yellow t-shirt and brown shorts
  • APR-wears a hunting vest with a red t-shirt and black shorts


  • UFLL- wears a Kevlar vest and cargo pants
  • APR- wears a black ski mask with a Kevlar vest along with cargo pants


  • UFLL- topless wearing yellow tiger camo pants
  • APR- topless wearing red tiger camo pants


  • UFLL- wears a yellow jacket with armbands
  • APR- wears a red jacket with armbands

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