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  • Dan67

    The latest update on Far Cry 3 has added a beta test playlist along with the host mirgration which normally is not found in the game constantly but only on rare occassions in Multiplayer. Although it was neat to see other players's creations in this play list in a sort of like "have fun and be a critic". if you know any bugs, issues, glitches or system errors that have arised on the far cry 3 update then please leave a comment about it.

    It was unusual that the update later becomes a burden for players to even play the game or even post their own maps till a freeze stops it from happening, A bulleted list will tell you what's been going on since the update

    • Bugs: Bugs were not that very common in the game, but when the update came to far cry 3 it bro…

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  • Dan67

    Class deciphering

    September 24, 2012 by Dan67

    • UFLL- Wears black leather top with yellow lines on the sides of his arms, wearing normal goggles
    • APR- Wears Black leather top with red lines on the sides of his arms, along with wearing rusted goggles

    • UFLL- Wears Black leather top and pants with goggles and a black helmet
    • APR- Wears Red Tank top with denim jeans and a black helmet

    • UFLL- wears a hunting vest with a yellow t-shirt and brown shorts
    • APR-wears a hunting vest with a red t-shirt and black shorts

    • UFLL- wears a Kevlar vest and cargo pants
    • APR- wears a black ski mask with a Kevlar vest along with cargo pants

    • UFLL- topless wearing yellow tiger camo pants
    • APR- topless wearing red tiger camo pants

    • UFLL- wears a yellow jacket with armbands
    • APR- wears a red jacket with armbands

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  • Dan67

    Custom Maps by Zodiac5517

    September 14, 2012 by Dan67

    I made a online compatible custom maps called battleship/corridors and mountain warfare.

    The Map is mostly made up of water and small islands with two battleships (UFll) front ocean bank and (APR) back ocean bank. The battleships are made up by two barges fused together along with its deck heavily armed with M2 Browning machine guns two in the front and two in the back, m249 tripods guard the weak spots of the ship. The battleships both have two ammo piles, swamp boats and only one fishing boat armed with a Mk-14 is placed behind individual battleships.


    Stealing diamonds off another team's battleship will require persistent and carefully done action to even get one diamond, The Fishing boat can empty the enemies's pillboxes and even …

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