Far Cry 3 is just months away, and looks amazing. But as a longtime Far Cry player, I have a couple ideas for a future game. This is only an idea, so please only constructive critiscm. Thanks. "Far Cry was the classic that morphed us into the perfect predator. Far Cry 2 sent us in the unexpectedly beautiful African savannah in search of a merchant of death. Far Cry 3 will take us on a trip to an island of insanity. But now, a new chapter has been completed in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 4 takes us from the tropical islands and hot jungles to the freezing Arctic Circle. You are a policeman in a small Scandinavian fishing town while a massive snowstorm bears down. It will take weeks for aid to arrive. But when pirates and survivalists begin raiding aid convoys, it's up to you to stop them. Taking place in a 75 km map in the Artic Circle, there will appear forests, iced over rivers and lakes,bandit camps, and even small cities. All of previous Far Crys' rules apply. Keep moving. Use your environment. Dont expect help from others. More possiblities open up. Destroy pursuing vehicles by destroying the ice underneath them using previously planted explosives. Hunt your enemies with nothing but a bow in a snowy forest. Fire attracts weary enemies in the subzero temp. So lay traps around them. Discover what it takes to survive the cold not only in the air, but also the cold in others hearts" What did you guys think of it?

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