Hey, AgentUnpredictable909 Here. I'm Gonna Show You My Idea About Far Cry 4. I Hope You Guys Like It. And Leave A Comment And Rate My Idea. And Here It Is.   

Information Of The Game


The Far Cry 4 Logo

Far Cry 4 Is An Upcoming Game And Sequel Of Far Cry 3. And The Game Will Be Release In March 24, 2015 For PC, PS3, XBOX 360, PS4, XBOX ONE, And Wii U.



 The Story

The Story Begins With The Protagonist, Jonathan Norton (He's An CIA Agent) In A Helicopter And He's Heading To  An Uncharted Island, The Lost Island. He's Being Tasked To Find The President's Daughter, Catherine Johnson That Being Kidnapped By Unknown Terrorists. They Send The Island Coordinat And The Coordinat Lead Jonathan To This Island. After A Few Briefing In The Helicopter And Jonathan Jumps Out From The Helicopter. And Jonathan Need To Find A Guy Name Eric Robinson (An CIA Undercover Who Disguise As One Of The Terrorists) And He Will Help Jonathan To Find Catherine.

The Badlands (Opening Cutscene)

After Jonathan Deploy His Parachute, The Screen Will Slowly Fade To Black And Then The Black Screen Is Gone And Blurry Screen Will Showed Up And Some Footsteps Can Be Heard. And Then Someone' Voice Is Heard And He Said "Hey, Wake Up, WAKE UP!! B*TCH!!" And He Punch Jonathan Face And The Blurry Screen Dissapear And Rodrigo Hernandez' (The Terrorist Leader) Face Showed Up And He Said "What Are You Doing Here, American? Oh I Know Saving The President Daughter, Without Paying Me?? You Got Some Courage... No One Brave Enough To F*ck With Me, EVER! Ok Enough With This Bulls*it, Let's Just Finish This" And Rodrigo Pointed A Gun At Jonathan And The Screen Goes Black And Gunshot Voice Is Heard. And Far Cry 4 Logo Showed Up. And After The Logo Is Gone, "One Week Earlier" Showed Up And The Black Screen Is Gone And Jonathan Land Safely On The Ground.

Knowing The Island

After Land Safely On The Ground, Jonathan Is Being Confronted By The Terrorists And Being Captured. On The Way To The Terrorists HQ, Jonathan Release The Rope That Bound His Hands. And He Jump Out From The Truck And Run Away. And An Terrorist Hellicopter Come And Chase Jonathan.


1.Lose The Terrorists And The Helicopter

After He Lose The Terrorists, He Hides In The Forest And Again He's Being Confronted By The One Of The Terrorist And He Pointed SPAS-12 To Jonathan And The Terrorist Said To Come With Him And Things Will Go Smoothly. And Then Someone Shoot The Terrorist In The Head. And That Guy Is Eric Robinson And After Eric Introduce Himself To Jonathan, He Ask Jonathan To Follow Him To His Hideout.

Reward: Eric's House As Your Hideout.

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