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"Work to Fight. Fight to Work."
— UFLL Poster

The UFLL is the United Front for Liberation and Labour, one of the two main factions in the civil war in the Unnamed African Country (UAC).


Their agenda is to keep the UAC from uniting with its neighbours: this is the opposite of what the APR wants, hence the conflict. The UFLL mainly consist of natives to UAC, however many foreign Mercenaries are in their ranks for money rather than political objectives. Similar to the APR, UFLL soldiers maintain a strong grip on certain areas of the UAC and control checkpoints, settlements, and other areas. All UFLL missions in Bowa Seko will be in the eastern region, as it is controlled by the APR.

In addition to being staunchly nationalist, the faction may well have leftist and/or socialist political leanings due to their propaganda espousing support for the working class, history of resisting APR advances/country reversion, and formal title as a "United Front."


The UFLL is mainly headed by Addi Mbantuwe, and his second in command Leon Gakumba, mainly the head of the northern district of UAC. The UFLL's lieutenants are Anto Kankaras, Hector Voorhees, and Joaquin Carbonell.

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