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Unhappy Reunion
Mission information
Faction Vaas pirates
Given by Buck
Reward 2500 XP
Start Lake near AM12
End Dr. Earnhardt's mansion
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Lin Cong I Presume This Knife's for You
The Social Club (part 3)

Unhappy Reunion is the twentieth mission of Far Cry 3.

Jason brings the ancient Chinese knife to Buck and trades it for Keith. However, Buck refuses to let the two of them leave his property. Jason and Buck duel with their knives, at the end of which Jason manages to kill Buck. Then, he brings Keith back to Dr. Earnhardt's Mansion where the other friends are.


Having retrieved the knife, Jason arrives at Buck's house. After seeing the knife, Buck, who at this point was wearing no pants, ask Jason to give it to him but Jason asks for Keith first. Buck agrees and gives him the key. Jason then goes down stairs to find a frightened Keith who begs Jason to get him out. Buck then intervenes and says he's now going to keep both of them. Jason then engages Buck in a knife duel and despite Bucks military experience, Jason manages to defeat and kill Buck, freeing Keith who he then takes back to Dr. Earnhardt's mansion.


Go to Buck's hut

Bring the knife to Buck


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