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Undying Bear

Wildlife: Undying Bear

"There are rumors of a large bear on Rook Island that cannot be killed. Some say it is covered with scars from those who have tried to kill it... and failed. Others claim that the scars come from eczema. You be the judge."
— Survival Guide

The Undying Bear is a rare bear that can only be found on a Path of the Hunter mission, unlocked after liberating the Cradle Gas Outpost, to the east of Calvary Point. It is a normal bear, except that it is covered in many bloody scars and wounds, which, as said in the journal entry, is either from those who tried to kill it, or a disease known as Eczema. You are required to kill the animal with a shotgun. 

The bear is located inside of a cave near a small camp. Within the cave are several people and animals who were hunted and killed by the bear. It is found in a dark corner, and you will most likely only notice it when it begins to roar, unless you have used a Hunter's Instinct syringe.

Once skinned, the Undying Bear Leather can be used to craft the Extended Loot Rucksack.

Hunting TipsEdit

  • A good way to kill it would be to hide between a stalagmite sticking out of the ground and the wall, on the left side of the cave, because the bear is too large to fit between the gap, and will be forced to go around. You can simply jump from one side of the stalagmite to the other, since you will fit between the small gap, taking a shot or two at the bear each time.
  • Another good tactic is to lure the Undying Bear out of the cave where it is found, allow it to get close, and fire at it from point-blank range. Wound it several times and get on top of the white canvas covering a Loot Chest. The bear will be unable to reach you and you can wound it some more. Additionally, you may use Animal Repellent on top of the canvas to draw it out from underneath, giving you an easy target.
  • It can also be a good idea saving this mission until the SPAS-12 is available. It has higher rate of fire due to it being semi-automatic.
  • The Bull is also a good choice for this mission as it has the highest damage of all shotguns. Couple with Deadly Hunter, one can make extremely short work in killing the Bear.


  • As it is a rare animal, it has increased health and will deal increased damage compared to other bears.


Far Cry 3 - Path of the Hunter Undying Bear02:22

Far Cry 3 - Path of the Hunter Undying Bear

On the Path of the Hunter killing the Undying Bear

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