The Udam tribe, also known as Flesh Eaters, is an antagonistic tribe led by Ull that resides in the Northern Arctic Tundra in Far Cry Primal.


The Udam are viewed as barbaric and primitive cannibals who had migrated from Northern Europe into Oros. They appear to be in conflict with the Wenja and the Izila tribes for resources and territory. They are loosely based on the Neanderthals,[1] and revere a relic called the Stone Woman. They are slowly becoming extinct due to the tribe's mass-affliction with "skull fire" a byproduct of their cultural habit of consuming fallen humans out of desperation, as well as through generations of inbreeding.

The Udam are fierce and brutish warriors with blood as body paint will charge the player relentlessly. It seems that the Udam like to "bully" the Wenja tribe, as they have a habit of ruthlessly attacking and stealing from the Wenja as well as consuming captives of their tribe in an attempt to "gain their strength" to fight off the plague. They also kill mammoths in order to take their skulls for the bone trees that they use to mark their territories. The Udam also coat their arrows and bombs with rot fumes to gain advantage over their enemies, and some of them wear masks and armor made of bones to protect themselves from their foe's weapons.

Even though that the Udam despise the Wenja, they have developed a deeper hatred for the Izila, for they are more violent and more aggressive than the other two tribes.

Making their base in the north snowy mountains, these Neanderthals have become fierce killers with a taste for human flesh. As they die out from disease, the Udam have recently started to move away from the comfort of their caverns, wreaking havoc on enemy tribes. Ull, their brutal leader, can’t just sit back while his tribespeople perish. He declares war on those who encroach on his land and sets out to find a better future for his people.

The Udam use poison to block access to their homeland and valuables. They also use it in a poison bomb that eats away at your health. Fortunately, you also get a chance to use it on your enemies—causing them to attack each other. You can also counter their poison attacks by consuming an Antidote.

Notable Members Edit

  • Ull (Leader and War Chief)
  • Dah (Former Commander)
  • Mog (Warrior)
  • Ull's children (Formerly)

Units Edit

  • Chieftain (Heavy Warrior)
  • Scourges (Bomber)
  • Spearmen
  • Warriors
  • Archers
  • Hunters
  • Slingers

Trivia Edit

  • The Udam are similar to and possibly inspired by the Wendol, a cannibalistic tribe of cave people who worship a stone woman, from Michael Crichton's book Eaters of the Dead, and from its 1999 film adaptation The 13th Warrior.
  • Udam units has 2 voice actors, 1 are the same who voiced Royal Army in Far Cry 4, and the 2 are the same as Privateers from Far cry 3
  • Udam units can be recognized from distance by the blood body paint on them.
  • Most Udam members are similar to Deceased species of Human "Homo neanderthalensis"
  • Skull fire might be based on the Kuru Disease due to the transmission way.



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