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Type 10

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FC3 cutout handgun type10flare
Category Special
Ammunition Shotshells
Magazine size 1
"This is a Japanese flare pistol that was used in World War II, probably as a beacon of retreat. The design was modified to fire shot shells and/or turtle shells. Gotta love the Japanese."
— Survival Guide

The Type 10 is a weapon exclusive to Far Cry 3's multiplayer. It is not obtainable nor seen in the singleplayer campaign. It looks like the Flare Gun, but shoots shotgun shells instead of flares. 


  • The weapon is a Japanese Type 10 Flare Gun, and is a rare version with a safety catch.
  • The Type 10 model replaces the Orion as the Flare Gun in Far Cry 4.
  • The Type 10's functionality is similar to a sawed-off shotgun as well a Derringer, a small pocket pistol which could inflict a lot of damage to a target or assailant but had a very small capacity (1 to 2 shots) meaning that missing could cost you your life.
  • In Co op, since you have 1 round in each cartridge, you get lots of last shots.
  • In reality the Type 10 was a very large calibre flare gun, about 35mm and converting it to fire shotshells would not only require custom made shells but the recoil force would make it far too strong to fire one handed.

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