The Two-Handed Club is a weapon in Far Cry Primal. It can either be crafted by the player or found on dead foes.

Weapon Characteristics Edit

The Two-Handed Club is a very solid weapon that has a Cave Lion's skull affixed to the top. It is a slow-swinging weapon, but deals a massive hit. It is used to great effect by Chieftains, as they can swing the club to knock Takkar off his feet, or to hurl small incendiary projectiles through the air, though this is exclusive to the Izila's Chieftains.

Crafting Requirements Edit

The Two-Handed Club has two upgrades.



  • 4 x Rare North Cedar
  • 4 x Blood of Oros
  • 20 x North Clay

The second upgrade provides the club with more damage, durability and agility. It also gains a much more ornate design on the head, now being identical to the Two-Handed Clubs wielded by the Izila.