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Tuk Tuk

The Tuk Tuk is a vehicle in Far Cry 4 that has a red awning and no doors. It resembles a Bajaj scooter taxi but with minor changes.

Just like most other vehicles it appears all around in Kyrat but is noticeably rarer than the other vehicles. Unlike almost every other vehicle in Far Cry 4 (the exceptions are the small fishing boat and jet ski) you will not find any civilians riding these around. After the player destroys the wolves then a Tuk Tuk can be found in Kanan's farm only once. Usually they can be found in intersections of in Kyra Tea Terraces outpost. It is essentially a cross between the Buggy and the Darrah, with the higher-profile and less agile than the buggy, but able to protect the driver much better, and slightly faster and less bulky than the Darrah (if not the same speed), but less durable and more likely to flip over, as well as less protected.

Its main problem is its very bad acceleration; while it is actually slightly faster than the Darrah at maximum speed, it can tip over very easily, probably more easily than any other land vehicle in the game due to its top-heavy nature. Ultimately it is pretty good on roads, but its low durability and top-heavy nature make it a very poor choice for bushwacking. Its acceleration is also mediocre, though still not as bad as that of the Darrah.

The Tuk Tuk is loosely based on Bajaj RE scooter taxi from Sri Lanka. The difference is the headlight position.