FC4 IconTruth & Justice is a story mission in Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4 Edit

The mission begins after Ajay Ghale frees the North for the Golden Path. He is sent to Utkarsh to speak with the local Golden Path members. Once there, Ajay goes into a house and is greeted by four civilians, two of them lead him to a basement and show him their weapons, telling Ajay they are ready. At this time, Pagan Min enters the house and speaks with the other two civilians. After speaking with the civilians, Pagan orders his men to kill them. Ajay leaves the basement and goes after Pagan In an attempt to assassinate him. Ajay flees outside and after gunning down a couple soldiers, mans a gyrocopter to pursue Pagan who is fleeing in a truck. After avoiding gunfire from Pagans men, Ajay manages to get close enough to perform a Vehicle assassination on Pagan. Shortly after this, Ajay gets a call from the real Pagan who tells him that it was his stunt double Eric who he killed.

Featured VideosEdit

Truth & Justice

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