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"This knife was said to bear immense power and has been revered since its discovery here on the island. It also works quite well as a mango peeler."
— Survival Guide

The Tribal Knife is a melee weapon available in Far Cry 3.

It is one of the three melee weapons available in the game, the other two are the Machete and the Japanese Tanto.

It is unlocked by pre-ordering the game, or by purchasing the compilation DLC. It can be equipped at a shop in the "melee" section, and does not take a weapon slot, but will replace any other melee weapon you have currently equipped.


  • It appears to do the same amount of damage as the Japanese Tanto, although it is not in the store description. 
  • When you wake up after being pulled from the river, the knife Jason reaches out for what appears to be a Tribal Knife.
  • Compared to the default machete Dennis offers Jason, the Tribal Knife is approximately twice as strong.