Training is the name of the first level in Far Cry.

In this Level Jack Carver is introduced to Doyle and is informed about what is going on in the island. The objective of the level is to get a vehicle and drive to a nearby carrier. The level also serves as a tutorial to teach players basic gameplay mechanics.


The level begins with the Jack Carver awakening from an unconscious state in a former WWII Japanese underground bunker. The player then tries to find a way out of the bunker, and whilst doing so he finds a cellphone receiving a call in an ammo cache. He picks up and answers the phone. The person calling him is a man named Doyle who insists on helping him for no apparent reason. At first the player doesn't trust him but changes his mind when Doyle says that he knows where he is and could inform the mercenaries at any time. Doyle then informs him that he is trapped on an island controlled by mercenaries under the command of Richard Crowe. Doyle then says that he needs to obtain a vehicle which can be found in a nearby mercenary base. Jack then picks up a Desert Eagle and some grenades from the cache. After doing so he kills a squad of mercenaries in a village outside the bunker and moves on towards the mercenary outpost. At this point players can choose how they want to obtain the vehicle. After obtaining the vehicle, players must drive to the carrier and enter it to end the level.

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