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This is a Provisional timeline of major events that have occurred within the Far Cry universe. All events listed within this Article are proven to be Canon by in-game sources.

ca. 10,000 BCE Edit

Three tribes, the Wenja, Udam, and Izila settle in the region of present-day Central Europe known as Oros, sparking conflict for resources and territory. The events of Far Cry Primal occur.

15th century Edit

In the 15th century, Zheng He, a Chinese warlord, passed by the Rook Islands during a voyage to map the oceans. It was an ideal location for one of Zheng He's most trusted soldiers, Lin Cong. After Zheng He left the isles, Lin Cong stole one of Zheng He's colossal treasure ships (named; "the Chaoyang" containing massive amounts of gold and treasure that were collected during Zheng He's many ocean voyages).

1895 Edit

Fall's End was founded in the Montana territory.

Early 1940sEdit

During the start of WW2 a Japanese Brigade General named Takeo Masaki had his men land on the isles to start up a small air force/army base during World War II.

1947 Edit

Dr. Alec Earnhardt was born on June 12th in Oxford, England.

1965 Edit

Willis Huntley is born in Long Island, New York.

1966 Edit

Pagan Min is born (as Gang Min) on June 7th in Hong Kong.

1967 Edit

Hoyt Volker is born on April 19th in Johannesburg, South Africa.

1968 Edit

Ishwari Ghale is born in Kyrat.

Paul "De Pleur" Harmon is born in the United States of America.

1969 Edit

Bambi "Buck" Hughes is born in Australia.

1970 Edit

Yuma Lau is born in Hong Kong.

1973 Edit

Noore Najjar is born in Kyrat.

1976 Edit

Dennis Rogers is born on February 5th in Liberia.

Joseph Seed is born in the United States of America.

1978 Edit

Sabal is born in Kyrat.

1981 Edit

Start of a civil war in Kyrat, between the Royalists, who supported the rule of the king, and the Nationalists, who wanted to overthrow the monarchy.

1984 Edit

Grant Brody is born in the United States of America.

1985 Edit

Vaas Montenegro is born in the Rook Islands.

1986 Edit

Daisy Lee is born on July 17th in New England, Maine.

1987 Edit

Jason Brody is born in Los Angeles California.

Citra Talugmai is born in the Rook Islands

Vincent Salas is born in America.

1988 Edit

Keith Ramsay is born on May 6th in America.

Ajay Ghale is born in Kyrat.

Lakshmana Min is born and later that year killed in Kyrat.

Grace Armstrong is born.

1989 Edit

Doug is born on January 12th in America.

Oliver Carswell is born on May 25th in America.

Amita is born in Kyrat.

1990 Edit

Liza Snow is born in Los Angeles California.

1991 Edit

Riley Brody is born in Los Angeles California.

2000 Edit

Bhadra is born in Kyrat.

2004 Edit

Events of Far Cry and Classic takes place.

2007 Edit

In an non-canon fictional un linear to the Far Cry universe, the world is suffering the aftermath of a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Sergeant Rex "Power" Colt is an American cybernetic super-soldier. He and another American cyber-soldier named Lieutenant T.T. "Spider" Brown travel to an unnamed island to investigate Colonel Ike Sloan, an elite agent who has gone rogue. The Events of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon occur.

2008 Edit

Between September 17th and October 30th, a series of 17 tapes were recorded between The Jackal and Reuben Oluwagembi on the subject of the Jackal's motives.

Sometime in the latter half of 2008, the events of Far Cry 2 take place.

2012 Edit

The events of Far Cry 3 take place.

2014 Edit

The events of Far Cry 4 take place.

2018 Edit

The events of Far Cry 5 takes place

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