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Wildlife: Thylacine

"Thylacines are also known as Tasmanian tigers. Zoologists say that these creatures went extinct due to aggressive hunting, while I bet that the zoologists made them up in the first place. As for the tigers on the island? They aren't real."
— Survival Guide

This animal is part of the Predator DLC Pack that you get in the Insane Edition or Deluxe Edition DLC

The Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) was declared extinct in 1936, however there are reports of people seeing Thylacines each year, mostly on the island of Tasmania.

The Thylacine has a low amount of health, hesitating to attack you. Therefore, they are fairly easy to kill. They are found in large packs and if you attack one you can expect to see a lot more of them coming your way. They are skinnable, but cannot be used to craft anything. Thylacine Skin in the store can be sold for $15. The best weapons to kill these animals are fully automatic weapons since they have low health.


The Thylacine can be found in various locations around Rook, one of the best locations is near the glider south-east of Cradle View (an Outpost on the North Island in the central, very north).

Hunting TipsEdit

  • It seems the best bait for the Thylacine is ironically man himself. If you are near a road try silently killing the occupants of a passing car, after a while some will sniff out the corpses and dig in.
  • Never use rocks to distract them, they will simply move in the opposite direction of the sound. Instead, use the rocks to herd the animals closer to you by aiming beyond them.