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Throwing Knife

The Throwing Knife is a throwable weapon that appears in Far Cry 4

The Throwing Knife is a silent weapon that can be a one-shot kill with a direct hit on the target. The crosshair for the knife is a very small dot, and accuracy is key when using this weapon. Throwing knives will also grant double skins off animals if they are successfully killed by one. 

Similar to arrows, harpoons, and bolts, you can pick them up once thrown.


Trivia Edit

  • Farcry 4 is the first game in the series to feature throwing knives. They were available in Far Cry 3 but only in a side activity and through the Knife Throw Takedown.
  • Heavy Guards will not be affected by throwing knives. The knife will ricochet off their armor. The only way they can be killed instantly in this manner is with the Skill Knife Throw Takedown.
  • Throwing knives also appear in Far Cry Primal in the form of throwable Stone Shards.

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