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This Knife's for You
Mission information
Faction Rakyat
Given by N/A
Reward unknowon
Start Dr. Earnhardt's mansion
End Citra's temple
Previous Next
Unhappy Reunion Ambush

This Knife's for You is the twenty-first mission of Far Cry 3.

Jason meets Citra and delivers the ancient Chinese knife that she is looking for. She tells Jason of a warrior that killed a giant, foreshadowing he would need to follow a similar path. Then, she dispatches Jason on a mission to rescue captured Rakyat warriors.


Jason enters Citra's temple and hands her the ancient Chinese knife that she was looking for, the Silver Dragon. Citra, impressed, tells Jason that they need to talk privately.

Citra narrates a story of a giant who lived beneath the surface of a lotus pond filled with clean water, who devoured anyone who came to its edge. A warrior from the northern kingdom heard of the giant and vowed to slay it. He painted tatau on his body and took power from the land of the dead, and when he was ready, he walked the path of the lotus pond. When the giant rose from the still waters, the warrior raised his dagger and cut the giant's head clean off its body. The skull of the giant fell to earth and became Rook Island, and the descendants of the warrior became the Rakyat.

Citra decided to make a deal with Jason, saying that if he helps them free captured Rakyat warriors he will prove he's worthy of the tatau and she will give him the power he desires to kill Vaas and Hoyt.


Exit the cave

Bring the knife to Citra

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