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The Sleeping Saints is a story line mission in Far Cry 4.

Mission Review Edit

The mission is available for every player, regardless of whether you choose Sabal or Amita in the mission before, but Amita will react more positively if you choose her mission. In the mission, the player has to defend The Sleeping Saints, two statues located in the Mid-East of Kyrat. When the player arrives there, the left statue will be blown up by the Royal Army. The player has to make a way through the soldiers, and destroy the second bomb in 5 minutes, before it also explodes. Following this, the player must light the beacons on the statue, and block the way to the Saints, because "Sabal's going to waste fighters protecting it." When the player does this, the mission is completed, and Noore will call Ajay for help. This leads to the next Campaign mission, City of Pain.

Trivia Edit

  • When the player has blocked the road and goes to the Saints after the mission, the road is still accessible.
  • There is a Sniper Rifle and RPG located near the bomb that has to be de-activated. These weapons are both very useful during the mission, because of the long distances, amount of cars, and the helicopter that is sent in by the Royal Army.
  • This is the only place in Far Cry 4 that doesn't have any green hurks.

References Edit

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