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"Businessman, wanderer and swindler, this man is known simply as "The Sherpa". He travels all across Kyrat, selling second-rate wares and contraband and has no qualms supplying the Golden Path with equipment. Be vary of his ways."
— King Min's Kyrat
The Sherpa
is a group that appears in Far Cry 4. Many of these NPCs can be seen walking along the sides of roads in Kyrat. Some of the Sherpa's are also traders. They are located everywhere, except outposts or locations. Some Sherpa's have a Yak, which probably carries more tradegoods.

One of the Sherpas is present on top of Dhami Ashram to travel.

Trivia Edit

  • They act as a fully mobile trading post, and offer all of the same wares a normal trading post would.
  • They tend to respect Ajay, and do not hesitate to trade with him.
  • In King Min's Kyrat, we learn that the Royal Army is suspicious of the Sherpa, as they trade with the Golden Path and supply them with weapons.
  • The Sherpa is also able to take you to the Himalayas for certain missions.
  • The Sherpa can climb the roots with leaves growing on them, just like the player can.
  • The Sherpa is present in Valley of the Yetis DLC.

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